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School Councillor

A school counsellor is available in school each Thursday .


What is counselling? 


Talking to a safe adult who won’t judge you or tell you what to do can really help you to feel more positive and able to overcome difficult emotions and situations.

We can all feel overwhelmed at times and being able to talk it through with a trained counsellor can make all the difference and give you the tools to move forward.

If you would like to find out more you can speak to your Year Tutor, Senior Teacher or Vice Principal or come and speak to the counsellor during the drop-in time or visit Links Counselling website - School Counselling - Pupils — Links Counselling Service

You can make a referral by asking a teacher to refer you, speaking to the counsellor directly during drop-in or by clicking on the link - Get Counselling — Links Counselling Service

Drop-in times are during Senior and Junior lunch breaks.


Self Refer Online


  1. Go to website and click bar at top saying 'get counselling'
  2. It will say 'make a referral' and underneath that click on Blue box saying 'get counselling'. This will take you to the referral form. If this is filled in and sent it will go directly to our head office and then to me. 


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