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Blog 8A1

Hi, there! How’s it going? Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be in 8A1? Well you’re going to find out…

Our form teacher is Mrs Stevenson, she is amazing! She has just gone off on Maternity leave and we will miss her so much! We are one big family of 25! Every Thursday we do class council, our chair person is Darren Sloane, vice chairperson is Katie Heenan and lastly the secretaries are Louise Weir and Carla Monaghan.

Our class has won the School Attendance Award three times in a row which means we get to skip the queue at dinner time for a week!!

In school we have a merit system and in our class 8 pupils have achieved their silver award and 7 pupils have achieved their gold award and 45 merits already!

Some class achievements

  • Zara has achieved a merit certificate in singing
  • The netball team won a tournament
  • The rugby team won a tournament
  • Lara has achieved a distinction in singing
  • Lydia received a merit in her Grade 1 piano exam and a distinction in her Grade 1 singing exam.
  • Lauren has a merit in her Grade 3 piano exam.


8A2 – Facebook Blog

8A2 is the best

‘Cause we’re better than the rest.

There is plenty of banter to be found,

But we sometimes mess around!


There is often a lot of noise,

As our class are mainly boys.

We are also very sporty,

Look at our picture- we do have one shorty!


We have six packs

But we love big macs!

Three boys and three girls play football,

While others turn out to answer RHS’ call.


The Killowen trip was fun,

But the school discos are our number one!

Many of us performed in Iveagh’s musical,

For the next RHS show- might we be suitable?


In short, 8A2 are very classy -

But we won’t drive a Massey!


8A3 Class Blog

Our class is a funny bunch of pupils and we are creative in our own ways! Our favourite subjects are Science, Art, ICT and Technology.

Lots of the pupils in our class have won awards for their many talents!. Steven and Jack have won medals for football competitions and Edmund is a star horse rider. He came 3rd in the hunt chase! Aakifah has won many trophies for her Irish dancing!

The pupils of this month are Edmund Whiteside and Sasha McCleery.


9A1 Class Council Form


‘‘Hey there, we are the fantastic 9A1. We would be best described as fun, interesting, adventurous, sporty and very hardworking. There are 26 pupils in our class led by our wonderful Form Teacher Mr Ritchie! There have been several achievements in our class lately- so we’ll fill you in on the latest.

Netball- Rachel Graham has been selected for the Northern Ireland under 13s netball team.

Charity- Danielle Megaw raised a fantastic £4500 by cutting her hair off for Cancer Focus NI.

Football- Sophie Megaw has been selected for the Year 9 Boys’ Football Team.

SU Mission: 2 girls won fantastic prizes- Jasmine Swain- 2 tickets to see the Giants play and Rachel Moorhead- £15.00 in Itunes Vouchers!

Of course we can’t forget our fantastic Form Teacher Mr Ritchie who joined the staff of R.H.S recently in the Home Economics Department. We’re quite a nosey bunch and had to find out more about this top teacher! He loves baking cakes, meeting up with friends at the weekend and of course his favourite class is 9A1!


9A2 Class Blog


Hi we are 9A2, the most bubbly, chatty, lively bunch you’ll ever meet! We all work really hard and are well behaved- well most of the time!

Our class is very outgoing and we have quite a few athletes in the class. Some enjoy sports like football, rugby and netball. Others like BB, GB, Scouts, Youth Club, Young Farmers and showing off musical talents! Would you believe we even have a pupil with a black belt in jujitsu? Don’t mess with US!

Our Form Teacher is Mrs Wilson- Elias who is really kind, caring and understanding. She has to be with all the chaos she puts up with in the mornings during Form Class!

We love merits in our class and Will Cromie has the top number so far with 42!

Well, look out for us- you’ll definitely hear us before you see us!


10A1 Class Blog


We are 10A1! There are 18 pupils in our class – all unique in our own way! We have many talents and all have different hobbies from sport to farming to reading and many others.

Last month our class won the Top Attendance Award in school which allows us to go straight to the top of the queue in the canteen!

We are a talented bunch- here are some of our achievements….

Earlier in the year, Kerry Martin, Emily Cantley and Matthew Corbett took part in a cross country run in Delamont Park. They all did really well with Emily coming in an amazing first place!

Rachel Murray (the class chef) recently competed in the Future Chef competition. Firstly she cooked up a scrumptious dish in our school before heading off to Belfast to compete against other schools by cooking a 3 course meal. Well done Rachel!

Jessica Thomas is our Pupil of the Month- her Speaking and Listening presentations last month were fantastic!

Finally in Geography, Year 10 have been raising money for the charity New Beginnings- our class has raised over £200 alone!


10A3 Class Blog

Coolest kids in town!

10A3, there’s a lot to tell, but let’s not yell! We are the coolest kids in town.

We’re the smallest class in the school but what we lack in numbers we make up for in good craic.

Generally, we try to keep the teachers happy, we all hand our homework in on time. Recently we won a poster competition on the topic of Anti- bullying and our reward was a trip to the cinema to watch the almighty Hunger Games!

Already we all know what our future jobs will be: Sam Bradford would like to be a mechanic; the class thinks he just wants to lower and change the flat tyres. Scott Wallace wants to be’Timmy number two’ (our school IT technician) so if you have any technical problem’s he’s the man to call! Miss Beth Patterson would like to have her own horse school; she loves horses. Ayesha would like to be a beautician.

But outside school we all have hobbies- Callum goes mountain biking, the rest of the class would have the nerve! Rebecca has just started her Grade one in piano. Our very own ‘Rory Best’ is Andrew- he loves rugby. We also have a money man – Sam Wallace; Sam has his own business; car valeting! Beth loves going on hunts on her horse called Jigsaw. Josh is addicted to the Xbox and has been known to stay up to 6am gaming!

To sum up 10A3…..

Teachers say that teaching us is a treat-

But that might be because we usually have a supply of sweets!

Mrs Annett likes red and green….

But Mrs Martin will eat any- she is very keen!  

We don’t like to pick favourites but Miss Groves is a maybe…

Even though she is off with her beautiful new baby!