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Business and Communication Systems

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Business and Communication Systems

GCSE Business and Communication Systems is a practical subject which recognises how ICT has become increasingly important in business.  By studying this course pupils have the opportunity to develop practical ICT skills in a wide range of computer applications in business contexts.   Furthermore, pupils study the business environment and the affect which advances in ICT have had on it.



  • To develop practical ICT skills and business knowledge, skills and understanding that are useful in a diverse range of employment roles.
  • To help pupils understand the changing role of ICT in business.
  • To help pupils gain an understanding of how ICT skills are used to enhance business activities, particularly through e-commerce.
  • To prepare pupils for studying business and ICT at a more advanced level.


Course content

Students who study GCSE Business and Communication Systems will follow the CCEA Specification.  This GCSE combines an understanding of Business theory with the practical use of ICT in business. There are 3 Units of study:

  • Software Applications for Business
  • The Business Environment
  • Developing Digital Solutions

Students must complete all three units.  The content of each is outlined in more detail below.


Unit and content

Assessment and weighting

Unit 1: Software Applications for Business

Word processing software

Spreadsheet software

Database software

Presentation software

Web authoring software

Web browsing software

Internet searching

Email software


External computer-based examination: 2 hours

Unit 2: The Business Environment

Types of Business Ownership



Digital Trading




Implications of digital technology for business and customers

Market Research

Marketing Mix


External written examination

1 hour

Unit 3: Developing Digital Solutions

Planning and research

Using software applications



Controlled assessment

Students project manage and develop a digital solution for a given problem within a business context.


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