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  • To acquire knowledge and understanding of the human past
  • To investigate historical events, people, changes and issues
  • To develop understanding of how the past has been represented and interpreted
  • To use historical sources critically in their historical context
  • To draw conclusions and appreciate that these and other historical conclusions are liable to reassessment in light of new or reinterpreted evidence
  • To promote students’ understanding of the development of the contemporary world


Examinations:                     NICCEA (Board)

The examination will comprise two papers :

Paper 1                               50%  (completed in June 2013)

Paper 2                               25%  (completed in June 2014)

Controlled Assessment Task:

Candidates are required to complete in class under exam conditions a written assessment which accounts for 25% of the total mark (completed in Year 12).

Tiers of Entry:

Two tiers of entry are available giving access to the following grades the Higher Tier gains Grades A*- D and the Foundation Tier C – G.


Paper 1                        Germany 1918 – 1939

(The Weimar Republic, The Rise of Nazism, Nazi Germany, Nazi Policy towards Europe)

Peace, War and Neutrality: Britain, Northern Ireland, Ireland, and the Second World War-1935 – 1949

(Anglo-Irish Relationships on the eve of World War 2, Experience of and response to war, Post-war relationships

Paper 2                   Superpower Relations

                               (Superpower Rivalry in Europe, Flashpoints of

                               The Cold War, From Arms Rivalry to Arms


Coursework -   To be decided by the Examination Board