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Music at Rathfriland High School is a vibrant and busy department.

Year 8 - Year 10 pupils listen, perform and compose using a wide range of instruments including keyboards, drum kits, guitars, tuned and world percussion. Pupils will also learn how to use Apple Macbooks in creating their own music.

We offer a variety of instrumental lessons in Rathfriland High School. Currently, pupils can receive guitar, drum-kit, brass, string, woodwind and singing lessons.

At GCSE level pupils develop their listening, performing and composing skills through units focused on Repeated Patterns in Music, Incidental Music and Music in Ireland. There has been a steady uptake of GCSE Music and with a pass rate of 85% pupils are achieving their full potential in this subject.

Extra Curricular Activities

There are many extra-curricular groups in the Music department.

  • The School Choir practices weekly and consists of around 20 girls and they perform regularly at Prize Night, Christmas Carol Service and at Community events.
  • The School Band has grown in size this year to 14 Brass and Woodwind and String players. The Band practices weekly also and they perform regularly at school events.
  • 6 Peripatetic Tutors