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Medicines and Illness

Illness and Accidents

If your child feel unwell or have an accident they must do the following: 

  • tell a teacher straight away
  • report to their Year Tutor
  • report to a member of the Senior Management Team if they need to go home

If they are too ill to remain at school or if hospital treatment is necessary, then you will be contacted to make suitable arrangements.   This is why it is so important to have an emergency contact number. 

Under no circumstances should your child leave the school or go home without permission. 

Pupils must not telephone home to ask to be collected; the office will telephone if necessary.



If your child needs to take medicine at school, you MUST complete an AM3 ‘A Request for Pupil to Carry His or Her Medication’ Form which is available from the School Office.   This needs to be completed accurately and returned to school as soon as possible.   If your child has an inhaler for asthma, they may carry it with them and leave a spare with the office for emergency use if necessary. 

Pupils should not ask for aspirin or other tablets at school; we are not allowed to give out any medicines.



If your child has a severe allergy and has an Individual Care Plan then it is the responsibility of you, the parent, to provide the medication, ensure that it is in date, to provide school with full information and relevant written consent.

Those pupils with severe allergies who require EpiPens must ensure that an EpiPen is carried with them at all times and that equipment is supplied to the school office along with relevant details.  For further information regarding this please contact the school office.


Medical Appointments


Signing Out

It is best to make medical appointments outside school hours.  If your child must leave school during the day for any reason, then please send a note in advance of the date.  They must sign-out at the office.   If they return to school later the same day, then they must sign-in again at the office.