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Teaching Staff: Ms J. Aschettino


French at Rathfriland High School:

Our department aims to deliver a curriculum which strives to encourage academic progression in all areas of the French language, including listening, speaking reading and writing skills through persistent exposure to the target language. We endeavour to inspire cultural curiosity and a global awareness in our pupils through varied and authentic cultural activities, both in the classroom and as an extracurricular experience.


Key Stage 3:

At Key Stage 3 pupils study a wide range of topics, including but not limited to:

  • Myself, Family and Friends
  • Free Time and Leisure
  • School
  • Town and Local Area
  • Food and Cuisine

Pupils will develop both receptive and productive linguistic skills in preparation for Key Stage 4, as well as gaining an insight into cultural differences and nuances and will be taught French grammar in an explicit manner.


Key Stage 4 :

Awarding Body: CCEA

Students develop their knowledge and understanding by studying three Contexts for Learning:

  • Context for Learning 1: Identity, Lifestyle and Culture;
  • Context for Learning 2: Local, National, International and Global Areas of Interest; and
  • Context for Learning 3: School Life, Studies and the World of Work.

They use French across the range of contexts to:

  • understand and respond to different types of spoken language (Listening);
  • communicate and interact effectively in speech (Speaking);
  • understand and respond to different types of written language (Reading); and
  • communicate in writing (Writing).

Assessment: Listening Paper 25%, Reading Paper 25%, Writing Paper 25%, Speaking Assessment (Conducted by School Teacher but externally marked) 25%

Tiers of Entry: Foundation and Higher. Pupils may enter for some papers in the Higher Tier and others in Foundation or vice versa.