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Internet Safety Day 2024


Fake News

As outlined in the video, the more you engage with, like and share fake news, the more often it will appear on your socials via advertising algorithms. If you would like to find out a little more about this sort of thing and how you are targeted by advertisers using algorithms you could check out ‘The Social Dilemma,’ an interesting docudrama which is available on Netflix – parental permission and or guidance is advised. 

Self Image

Self Image

Judging yourself based on what others like, share and post is NOT healthy. In fact, it can lead to some very serious consequences for mental and physical health as Jesy Nelson, former member of ‘Little Mix,’ learned during her rise to fame. Jesy made a very honest documentary with BBC3 called ‘Jesy Nelson, Odd One Out.’ It is available via BBC iPlayer and contains some useful information that further highlights dangers posed by Social Media. Again, parental permission and or guidance is advised. 

Live Streaming

Year 9 Audio


How do you interact online

Should you take this test, please watch the short video which poses the question ‘How do you interact online’ and the top tips that follow first.

Online Gaming