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Home Works Due

Year 12 Homework 6th Jan


Complete revision questions at back of booklet, mind maps and exam question

YR 12 Factors affecting food choice links and extra reading to help with homework

Bbc bitesize

Food a fact

Year 11 homework 9th Jan


Ensure you have completed 8 tips for healthy eating page in workbook and the questions using all notes.  Complete exam paper question about breakfast.

If need be use BBC Bite size CCEA Home Economics and notes to help you

There is a useful website about breakfast here

10G3 Homeworks

10G3 for 11th Dec complete page 30, 31 and 38 answer questions pg 24

10G3 for 18th December complete page 23 and 24

10A3 Homework

10A3 for 18th Dec complete page 30, 31 and 38 answer questions pg 24

Year 11 HE Homeworks
  • Submit tart coursework 5th Dec
  • Plan Christmas biscuit and bring ingredients to be made on 5th Dec
  • Bring permission slips in before 12th Dec for trip
  • Complete pages 2-6 in new booklet 12th Dec
  • 10th Jan complete questions in booklet for healthy eating tips and the past exam paper question in booklet
Year 12 HE Homework's


  • Fair Trade Homework 6th Dec
  • Environmental and ethical issues homework for 6th Dec revise and do the questions pg 55 and pg 21
  • 6th Jan complete 2019 exam paper using notes