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World Water Day 2021

23rd Mar 2021

In Northern Ireland we are lucky to be able to turn on the tap and have instant clean water, but not everyone in the world is that fortunate. Yesterday was World Water Day 2021, and Year 10 Geography classes have been doing some work looking at their water footprints. Northern Ireland Water had set the challenge of designing some meals - one with a high water footprint and one with a low water footprint. Year 10 pupils were then invited to join a live online event yesterday afternoon. This event allowed pupils from schools all over the UK to come online to hear about the importance of water and to look at some of the water footprint meals designed by students. We are proud to report that the meals designed by Ruby Wilson in Year 10 were shown and discussed during the event - congratulations Ruby!  A huge well done to all Year 10 classes for their great work on this - especially those pupils who had their menus put forward. You have been given merits and will receive your prize after Easter.