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Year 8 Numeracy Event

18th Oct 2019

This week was Maths week! Maths week is designed to raise awareness and appreciation of maths and numeracy amongst young people. To celebrate the wonder of number, we took our Year 8’s off timetable and put on an event in the gym to challenge and engage them.

Working in teams, Year 8 pupils took part in a series of maths puzzles and games, including Sudoku, Countdown, Code Breaker, Snakes and Ladders and Connect Four. Not your typical Monday!

As the action got underway, silence engulfed the gym whilst our super competitive mathematicians whispered and worked together to solve mathematical problems and achieve maximum points at each station. 

Congratulations to the winning teams…

  • 8a1 – Fish Fingers (including Toby Ferguson, Aaron Harbinson, Abbie Lyons and Noami Edgar)
  • 8a2 – We want calculators (including Drew Prescott, Nathan Owens, Thomas Skelly and Ryan Niblock)
  • 8A3 – Lexus (including Bobby Pyper, Abby Fisher, Grace McAuley and Scott Bell)

Those winning teams then went on to face “The Governor” aka Year Head, Mr Robinson, in ‘The Chase.’  A very scary prospect indeed for Year 8 though it must be mentioned that more than one team outran the Chaser…The Grumpy Governor was not impressed!

A huge thanks to Mr Robinson for being such a good sport, to all of Year 8 for engaging in the event and to 10A1 and Mrs Budde (Numeracy Co-Ordinator) for their planning, organisation and running of the event.

Remember to Make Maths Count!