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Pastoral Structure


Year Tutors 2020 - 2021

Year 8 - Mr P Robinson

Year 9 - Mrs D Wilson-Elias

Year 10 - Mrs D Wilson-Elias

Year 11 - Mr D Barron

Year 12 - Mrs R Chalmers

Senior Teacher in charge Pastoral: Mr D Barron

Parents with concerns regarding their child’s welfare or progress should first make contact with the Year Tutor and then the Senior Teacher. If concerns continue then contact the Vice Principal who may inform the Principal if further action is needed.

Pastoral Care

Form Teachers and Year Tutors

During time with Year Tutors and Form Teachers school rules are highlighted, the reasons behind them explained and why they are important in contributing to an ordered and safe school community.  Academic progress, Merit Awards, Attendance, Behaviour and Uniform are also monitored.

Rathfriland High School adopts a positive approach to behaviour, expecting pupils to behave in a responsible manner both to themselves and by showing consideration, courtesy and respect for other people.   This standard of behaviour is expected from all pupils at all times, both inside the school as well as on their way to and from school. 

School Counsellor 

The pastoral guidance given by Year Tutors, the Senior Teachers and the Vice Principal is supported by the School Counsellor.   The Counsellor  is fully qualified and is in school one day a week.